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Hardwood Floor Installation in Pleasant Grove

A carpet may give your home a warm and comfortable feel, but there’s nothing better than the subtle grandeur only hardwood provides.

Hardwood floors are good investments for your humble abode. Apart from achieving the look and feel you have always wanted, it could also add to your property’s value. But should you just shop at a local store and install it yourself?

Pioneer Hardwood takes the load off your shoulders; with our hardwood flooring installation services in Utah, you can enjoy a new floor without the backbreaking work.

Observations First

Every project begins with on-site measuring. We layout and measure the home first. Our team also takes this opportunity to observe the condition of your floors, identifying any areas of concern. If you have specific requests, we take note of these, too.

Quality Installation

Finding the right wood for your home is half the renovation/remodeling journey. Our experienced staff finishes the other half: installation.

No two rooms in the house are the same; we treat each project as one-of-a-kind. Our Pleasant Grove hardwood floor installation makes the necessary custom cuts and lays materials on-site.

With years of experience, our team will deliver an efficient installation without sacrificing on craftsmanship.

Floor installation can be a complex process, but we take pride in leaving your floors more beautiful than before. The team also cleans up after every project; no need to worry about excess wood chips or debris lying around.

Invest in your home with professional hardwood floor installation today.

Call us at (801) 830-2115 to learn more about our services, or get a free consultation on cost, materials, and time involved in your project.

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