Avoiding Hardwood Floor Moisture Issues

    Avoiding Hardwood Floor Moisture Issues

    You want to keep your new hardwood flooring looking great after installation, and at Pioneer Hardwood Flooring, we’re here to help. Our experts can offer numerous maintenance tips, from the simplest basics to more complex areas.

    One primary opponent that stands in the way of the long term lifespan of your hardwood flooring? Moisture. Moisture can warp and mold wood, causing numerous costly long term issues. What are some of these issues, and how can you identify and prevent them? Let’s take a look.

    Visible Problems

    Many moisture issues on hardwood floors can be easily seen with the naked eye. Moisture can make wood expand and contract, and this will often be one of the first signs. Related signs include:

    • Cracks: As wood loses moisture content (MC), separations between floorboards might show up. This dryness can be combatted with a humidifier.
    • Crowning: Generally caused by a moisture imbalance, this is when a given board’s center becomes higher than its outsides.
    • Cupping: This is the opposite of crowning – when the edges of a board warp higher than the center. This is general caused by high humidity expanding the wood and causing the edges to deform.
    • Buckling: When floor boards pull up and lift several inches. This is one of the most severe moisture-related issues on hardwood floors.

    Invisible Problems

    There are also several moisture issues that take place below the floor, where they can’t be seen. Much of the avoidance here comes with professional installation – installers have to do a good job tracking moisture content in subfloor areas, and must use the right materials. Leaks are some of the most common post-installation issues you’ll find – if you have any leaking water fixtures, check your floors for leaking regularly as well.


    Prevention for these kinds of issues starts well in advance. It comes from having a reputable flooring contractor like ours to install your flooring, plus help with maintenance to keep moisture at the proper levels.

    For more on moisture and hardwood floors, or to learn more about our hardwood floor repair or restoration services, speak to the pros at Pioneer Hardwood Flooring today.